La Nuova Sarda Industria Casearia

Pecorino Sardo

whole Italian mainland and in foreign countries, offering a various and distinctive production of Sardinian traditional flavours.
Our products are extremely famous and appreciated and they are our best visit ticket for our customer and for the final consumer.

The study of new products, perfectly integrated itself with the best Sardinian tradition, placing side by side to the typical cheeses, some variants with a very particular tasty, always in respect of the pillars of handicraft workmanship, to exalt the flavor and the principal quality of the goat’s cheese and sheep’s cheese.
In our website you can find a bit about our production, which is more various than that introduced in these web pages.

The categories proposed for our product are the following:
Without seasoning
Brief seasoning
Intermediary seasoning
Long seasoning
If you want, you can consult some recipes, that how you can see, are combined each one with a particular cheese, to better understand the characteristics of the proposed products and to confront them with those of the products just known.